Name of the Lab.

Available floor Area (sq.m)

Major Equipments

01 Heat Transfer Operation Lab 46.50 1)Shell & tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger, ION exchange 2) Fin tube heat exchanger
02 Fluid Flow Operation and Mechanical Operation Lab 71.90 1) Rotameter,Venturimeter & orificeappratus,Centrifugal Test Rig , Plate and Frame Filter Press, Fourth Flotation Cell
03 Petrochemical Technology and Process Instrumentation and Control 46.50 1) Red wood Viscometer, Orifice Meter, 2)Muffle Furnace 3)Microprocesor based system process Control 4)Dead Weight pressure gauge Tester
04 Mass Transfer Operation 70.59 1)Absorption Packed Column 2)Liquid Liquid Extraction Column 3)Spray Extraction Column 4) Fluidized Bed Dryer
05 Fundamentals of Chemical Engg. 87.12 1)Water Testing Equipment 2)Digital Weighing Balance 3)Oven
06 Computer Lab 46.50 I3 Computers ,Switch