Name of the Lab.

Available floor Area (sq.m)

Major Equipments

1 R.A.C. Lab. 187 A/C condi. Trainer, Ice plant tutor, VA trainer
2 M.Q.C. Lab. 70 Floating carriage, tool makers Microscope
3 Thermal Power Engg.  Lab. 162 Test rig formeasurement of Thermal conductivity of metal bar. 4stroke diesel engine test.
4 Automobile Engg. Lab 73 Petrol Engine Test Rig, Diesel Engine
5 Pneumatic & Hydraulics Lab 150 Hyd. Trainer kit, pelten turbine test wig
6 Theory Of Machine Lab 105 LSM Controller/Different Governers
7 Auto Cad 60 Computers, Software DIC Motion
ENTEL V P System